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Anime Screenings at Caf

Date: 2006 February 22 10:25

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Café Manga will be screening Elfen Lied and Boogiepop Phantom on Monday 27th February with a repeat screening on Tuesday the 28th February.

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Press release as follows:




LONDON, UK, 20th FEBRUARY 2006 ADV Films would like to invite all those anime fans who are in London, or within easy travelling distance, to come and watch the first two episodes of Elfen Lied and Boogiepop Phantom at the newly refurbished Café Manga in London County Hall, on Monday 27th February 2006, with a repeat screening the next day, Tuesday 28th.

Entry to the venue will be free both nights, with Boogiepop Phantom screening between 6 and 7pm, and Elfen Lied between 7 and 8pm, after which the venue will close. Both shows are rated 15 and uncut, and while a wide variety of drinks are available to buy at the venue, alcohol is on sale, so with the combination of the shows and the drinks, staff can and will ask for ID. Please do make sure you have ID on you in case you are lucky enough to look young enough to be asked for it! Also, for just these two nights, sushi boxes will be available to buy, so why not treat it as a different kind of dinner out? Sushi, green tea, anime perfect!

The newly-refurbished Café Manga is the ideal spot in the centre of London to chill out in, read from the manga library they will be stocking, and watch anime on their dual plasma screens on either side of the bar. The latter two plans are developing as you read watch out on their website for more information and details of upcoming screenings. Also in development is a larger area inside the hall which is planned to operate as a proper Tokyo-styled Manga café turnstile entry, priced by time spent, manga library, anime on screen, j-lounge on the sound system, bento boxes, cakes, drinks, and some form of networked gaming. This also will be used for future screenings and other events, so keep an eye out for a possible April opening.

Easily accessible, Café Manga is next door to Namco Station, the London Aquarium and the London Eye, putting it 5m walk from Waterloo and the NFT, 10m walk from Charing Cross/ Embankment, right by Westminster Bridge. Come on down and check it all out there's no other place like it in London!

We'll see you there!

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About ADV Films:

ADV Films is the leading producer-distributor of Japanese animation ("anime") in the United Kingdom, with the firm's holdings including such premier titles as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Spriggan, Samurai X, RahXephon, Hellsing, Martian Successor Nadesico and Full Metal Panic! In addition, ADV Films distributes select fine programming in other genres, including live-action science-fiction titles such as the legendary updated Gamera trilogy. Aside from moving-picture content production and distribution, ADV Films' U.S. parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., is the publisher of Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and is the operator of North America's Anime Network cable channel. In addition to the London office, A.D. Vision, Inc. maintains world headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA with additional studios in Austin, Texas and offices in Tokyo. For more information, please visit ADV Films on the web at

Source: ADV Films UK
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