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Follow-up on Ottaker's Manga Evening

Date: 2006 February 28 05:16

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Following my recent report on Ottaker's promotional push on the manga scene, I've gotten hold of a small list of other branch locations where a Manga Evening is taking place. If your branch isn't on there, I've been told to keep checking and/or asking away. Areas probably differ in consciousness with manga, and are likely to hold a Manga Evening too, if they know there is a demand.

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Ottaker's branches confirmed so far:

14/03/06 - Truro @ 6.30pm
22/03/06 - Darlington @ 6.30pm
05/04/06 - Coventry @ 6.30pm
20/04/06 - Sunderland @ 6.30pm
06/06/06 - Chippenham @ 6pm

Each Manga Evening features a manga quiz, a cosplay competition, refreshments, prizes and freebies to be had. Not to mention the new Manga Collector's Club being promoted! Tickets cost £1.50.

Manga Evenings are scheduled to be held at other branches, but aren't 100% confirmed at this point. If you're interested in attending one at your local Ottaker's, I'd recommend going in and asking them or searching on their Shop Finder and keep check on the updates!

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