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Sony to extend Animax to UK?

Date: 2006 August 04 11:19

Posted by have spotted that Sony have registered Anime + as a channel in in the UK. Doing some digging here at Otaku News we've spotted that this seems to be part of a move on Sony's part to widen it's AXN, Animax and Sony Entertainment Television brands. It follows the apointment of Tom Davidson to vice president of international networks in May. It's probably quite important to note that according to this press release Mr Davidson is based in the London Sony headquarters!

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Animax brodcasts throughout Asia and has strong ties with Japanese studios such as Gonzo .This means they show animesoon after Japanese release which they then dub using their own teams, which includes an English langauge team. A quick look at Animax Asia reveals they are already showing popular anime such as Paradise Kiss and Honey & Clover.

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