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Sweatdrop Release Two How To Draw Manga Books

Date: 2006 September 14 14:52

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We've been sent a press release from the nice people over at UK manga inspired art group Sweatdrop. They're both aimed at beginners, Draw Manga By Sweatdrop Studios and Drawing Manga by Selina Dean. Draw Manga focuses on basics, with a series of tutorials on how to draw character elements such as eyes, hair, hand and clothing, along with step by step projects showing how to put individual elements together to create a manga style character.

Drawing Manga by the talented Selina Dean focuses more on character design with posing characters. It includes tips on drawing people monsters and mascots. In addition it includes comic creation techniques such as developing storyboards, creating layouts, scripting, including backgrounds and colouring and inking techniques.

Draw Manga by Sweatdrop Studios is due out on 15th October 2006, while Drawing Manga by Selina Dean was out on 4th September 2006.

We think it's great that some UK based artist are producing books on how to draw manga, however we're curious as to why they've released two books within the space of two months with the same purpose at the same price (an affordable £9.99), we wonder if the books are significantly different, would it have been better to combine the contents into one bigger book? Perhaps the writing styles are different allowing a potential artist to chose the style they prefer.

Full Story

Press release as follows:


Sweatdrop Studios is proud to announce the release of two new How-to-Draw manga books written by its members. Both books are aimed at beginners and offer practical, easy-to-follow guides to the various aspects of the manga art style.

"Draw Manga" by Sweatdrop Studios goes back to basics explaining what the manga style is and the tools and materials needed. There follows a series of tutorials in depth on how to build up your characters from first principles - facial structure, anatomy, proportions then leading to individual character elements such as eyes, hair, accessories and clothing. Subsequent step-by-step projects show how to put all of the individual elements together to create effective manga characters. It finishes with projects from the masters - creating polished pieces of manga-style art using various mediums, such as markers and watercolours. The project was led by Sonia Leong, and head contributors were Selina Dean, Hayden Scott-Baron, Laura Watton and Emma Vieceli. Other contributors were Sam Brown, Carrie Dean, Niki Hunter, Aleister Kelman, Morag Lewis and Wing Yun Man.

Release date: 15th October 2006 listing:

"Drawing Manga" by Selina Dean covers all the beginner needs to draw their favourite types of characters, including people, monsters and mascots. There's advice on drawing figures, adding expressions, designing clothing and posing your characters. An essential section is included on creating different characters, examining the design points which make each character unique. Other sections cover the practical techniques needed to create comics - developing storyboards, creating layouts, scripting, including backgrounds, and using inking and colouring techniques. A final chapter includes some more advanced techniques to enable readers to create finished artwork on their own. Contributors include Hayden Scott-Baron, Sonia Leong, Emma Vieceli, Laura Watton, Aleister Kelman, Morag Lewis and Carrie Dean.

Release Dates: 4th September 2006 listings:

For further information on these publications, please visit the Sweatdrop Studios website at to chat with the creators.

Source: Sweatdrop Studios
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