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Pink and Blue - Double release from Sweatdrop Studios

Date: 2006 October 24 08:48

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Sonia from Sweatdrop Studios the manga styled art group has dropped as a line about their latest publications. The books are supposed to be paired together and explorer the differences between shojo and shonen manga, apparently each book can be enjoyed alone or with it's partner book. The shojo book is called Pink is for Girls, while the shonen book is titled Blue is for Boys. We like the comparison of sparkles versus speedlines in their press release. The book is due for release on Saturday 28th October at the London MCM Expo at the Sweatdrop Studios stand.

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Press release as follows:


Sweatdrop Studios presents two new anthologies this autumn - "Pink is for Girls" and "Blue is for Boys".

The two books were created as a pair: one for girls and one for boys, where the stories are closely intertwined and explore the differences between shojo and shonen manga.

Though the content found in manga transcends stereotypes, there are certain innate qualities and differences between manga for girls and manga for boys. Whether it's the metaphorical versus the literal, sparkles versus speedlines, or just a different perspective, shojo manga is distinctly girlish and shonen is distinctly boyish.

In each volume, you will find nine stories, each of which has a companion story in the other volume. The comics can be enjoyed alone, or with their partnered story.

At 132 pages each, the combined anthologies represent Sweatdrop's largest project to date, featuring contributions from twenty of its members, including Hayden Scott-Baron (Digital Manga Techniques), Selina Dean (Drawing Manga), Sonia Leong (Manga Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet and Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga) and Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare: Hamlet and Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga) with forewords by Helen McCarthy (The Anime Encyclopedia) and Paul Gravett (Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics).

The anthologies will be launched at the London MCM Expo, 28-29 October 2006 at the Sweatdrop Studios Stand in the Manga Alley, Anime Village.

Pre-orders can be made from the Sweatdrop Studios website:

Information for ordering from other booksellers:
"Pink is for Girls" by Sweatdrop Studios, ISBN 978-1-905038-07-7
"Blue is for Boys" by Sweatdrop Studios, ISBN 978-1-905038-08-4

Source: Sweatdrop Studios
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