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The Rising of the Shield Hero Audio Book

Date: 2021 July 06 19:00

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The good folks from One Peace Books have sent us details of their latest publication. The Rising of the Shield Hero has now been adapted to an audio book. Narrated by Kurt Kanazawa, the book is available on sites and will soon be live on Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, NOOK Audiobooks, Spotify, and everywhere the audiobooks are sold. Volume 1 of the the book lasts for 6 hours 52 minutes.

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Details as follows:

The Rising of the Shield Hero Audio Book Volune 1

One Peace Books says:

We are excited to finally have the opportunity to offer fans The Rising of the Shield Hero in an audio format. Volume 1 is available now at select stores and will be available everywhere soon! We were lucky enough to have Kurt Kanazawa do the reading for us. Kurt's performance is phenomenal! We really hope returning fans and new fans alike will fall in love with Shield Hero for the first time, or all over again, in this new performance of the first volume of The Rising of the Shield Hero!

Source: One Peace Books
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