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Released by: Viz

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Akira Toriyama

Age Rating: All ages

Page Count: 202

ISBN-13: 9781421518053

ISBN-10: 1421518058

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A contagious Monster Flu is spreading around town like wildfire. Can the town's troublemaker, a half-vampire, half-werekoala and his friends get the medicine in time to save everyone?!

Paifu, a half-vampire half-werekoala, is always getting into trouble with his best buddy, José the ghost. But when the Monster Flu sweeps through town, the fun and games are over. If the sick monsters don't get the medicine they need in a month, everyone will die! With all the adults sick, it's up to the boys to get the medicine and save the day! Paifu and José are off on a big adventure, but will they get the medicine in time...or will they become victims themselves?!


Paifu is your average trouble making kid. He just happens to be half vampire half werekoala and his best friend Jose is a ghost.

Welcome to monster village of Batwing Ridge. Where kids play till sun up with games like playing angel.

One day when Paifu is going to school, he learns that a large number of students and teachers are out with the flu. This is no ordinary flu, its monster flu and is rather deadly.

Paifu and Jose decide to go on a journey to get some medicine from a witch that lives far away. So far away is the witch that they will need someone to drive them, and all the adult monsters are falling sick. Paifu bribes the only human in the village, the mysterious Mr Maruyama, to take the party to the witch.

As Cowa! is only one volume, there's no need to go into the plot in great detail otherwise it will be ruined for any reader. Its filled with lots of humour, of the normal and slightly crude variety so it reads more like Toriyama's first manga Dr Slump.

The art style is very simplistic, not that it looks bad, it certainly fits the book well. Impressively, Viz have published it with the first chapter completely in colour (hopefully other manga publishers will take note of this).

Cowa! is a nice entertaining read that both children and adults can enjoy.

Rating: 8/10


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