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Yen Press Announces Two Dozen New Licenses

Date: 2022 November 20 03:49

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Manga publisher Yen Press announces at AnimeNYC their manga, light novels, manhwa line up, and more at industry panel.

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Yen Press, the US-based manga book publisher, has announced two dozen new titles, a mixture of various types, at their panel at AnimeNYC. They include manga, manhwa, light novels, and new editions of some existing titles.

In their light novel offerings, they've announced:

Even if These Tears Disappear Tonight by Misaki Ichijo

College student Tooru Naruse falls in love with his upperclassmen Izumi Wataya, and she accepts his confession on the condition that he cannot fall in love with her. Their fake relationship begins, but Tooru soon discovers that Izumi cannot forget her love from high school. Hoping to learn who that person was, he seeks out her best friend, Maori Hino. Follow characters from Even If This Love Disappears Tonight in this sequel about another heart-wrenching tale of first love.

How to Win Her Heart on the Nth Try by Ichine Kamijo

How to win her heart

Nagi Yoroizuka, a 27-year-old system engineer at a software development company, is facing down her thirties with no sign of romance. She works hard at her job, but things never seem to go her way. Then, just when a series of mishaps leaves her at her lowest point yet, a childhood friend reappears to offer her a hand. Not only is this genius engineer warmhearted and good-looking, but he gets along great with her! The problem: She's only ever seen him as a friend, while he's been hiding his feelings for her their whole lives. But even if she's willing to give him a chance, will trauma from her past prove too much to overcome?

Maiden of the Needle Story by Zeroki Illustrated by Miho Takeoka

Yui was reincarnated into a noble family in another world, retaining her memories of her life in Japan. During her childhood, she befriended the fairies she could see around her by using her magic to help mend their clothes; unfortunately, Yui's relative lack of skill in blessweaving-the art of enchanting physical fabric through needlework-ultimately results in her being disowned. However, when she is taken in by Rodin Calostira, another nobleman, her luck begins to change...

My Summoned Beast Is Dead by Rakuzan Illustrated by Miyuu

In a magical academy for summoners, students combine impressive stores of magical energy with artful incantations to usher legends, great and small, onto the battlefield. To say late bloomer Feil Fonaf has had a rough come-up is nothing short of an understatement, but he's here to prove he deserves his place at the academy as much as anyone else! And as luck would have it, his counterpart summon winds up being the legendary beast of the last realm, Pandora! There's just one problem...

Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki's Conjecture by Mikage Sawamura

Naoya Fukamachi is a university student whose ability to infallibly detect lies has left him friendless and isolated. But when he writes a paper about a strange festival he wandered into as a child, he catches the fancy of his folklore studies professor Akira Takatsuki, a handsome and eccentric man with a passion for all things mysterious. Soon, Naoya finds himself working as Akira's assistant, helping him to interpret an array of unexplainable phenomena, from haunted objects and cursed effigies to urban legends. As this odd couple continues their investigations, however, Naoya realizes that his professor has had a few bizarre childhood experiences of his own...

Yami-hara Yami-hara by Mizuki Tsujimura

yami hara

"When they come, someone dies..." After a quiet boy named Kaname joins the class, Mio reaches out to him, hoping to help the odd boy settle into his new environment. Kaname takes to her a little too well, however, asking to come to her house and then showing up all the time. Frightened, Mio seeks help from an upperclassman she admires...but the nameless wickedness is already coming. It's close. It's growing. A horror-mystery novel by famed author Mizuki Tsujimura.

They licensed a single manhwa with:

Bloody Sweet by Narae Lee

One eerie night, in an old, abandoned church, a girl accidentally breaks the seal of an ancient vampire who...starts following her around like a hyper little puppy! It may not be your typical vampire story, but for Naerim, a victim of school bullying, Vlad's manic energy might be just what she needs to regain her smile!

Their new manga licenses are:

Sword Art Online: Progressive - Scherzo of Deep Night Story by Reki Kawahara Art by Ruyocha Character design by abec

Sword art online scherzo of deep night

Nearly two months have passed since Kirito and Asuna found themselves trapped in the world of Aincrad. Now, they're making their way through the ruins-themed fifth floor, where all sorts of undead monsters-and player-killers-lurk in the shadows! The story of Sword Art Online continues in this brand-new series!

Yokohama Station SF Story by Yuba Isukari Art by Gonbe Shinkawa Character Design by Tatsuyuki Tanaka

ll Hiroto has ever known is a life on a tiny coastal speck of Japan. Much of the country has been swallowed by Yokohama Station, a mysterious, ever-growing series of buildings that's been around for as long as anyone can remember. The few who live outside its many entrances have never seen Inside and know only rumors and legends of the station's interior. That all changes when Hiroto is given an 18 Ticket, a mysterious item that lets him enter the massive complex for five days. The young man has always sought a purpose, but the one he finds may not be the sort he'd hoped for...

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Memoria Freese Original Story by Fujino Ōmori Art by Yū Shiomura Original Concept by Danmachi4 Project

Hestia Familia is back in an all-new adventure! All is quiet as Bell, Haruhime, Hestia, and friends celebrate the Holy Night Festival, but when a Familia from another land comes along, all hell breaks loose! What's more, Hestia's getting jealous again, which spells serious trouble for Bell...

Handyman Saitō in Another World By Ichitomo Kazutomo

Handyman Saito has never been anyone special. All his life, he's had average grades, ordinary athletic skill, a commonplace job... But his unremarkable path takes a turn when he wakes up in another world. Here, warriors, wizards, and elves accompany him on quests delving deep into dungeons, and Saito realizes for the first time what it's like to be needed. After all, who other than the handyman could be trusted to open locked treasure chests or to repair his allies' equipment? Beginning with a simple "thank you," this is the story of an ordinary person's fulfilling life.

A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom Story by Tail Yuzuhara Art by Sora

Reincarnated Witch

On her eighteenth birthday, shut-in Sena Shirai gathers her resolve and steps out into the world for the first time in a long while-only to be hit by a truck! Reborn as a witch in another world, she is able to master only two spells: Explosion and Destruction. With the nearby villagers fearful of her powers, she resigns herself to an isolated life once more...that is, until a mysterious boy collapses on her doorstep!

Appare-Ranman! By Antonsiku

The time is the nineteenth century. Eccentric mechanic boy Appare Sorano sets off on an adventure along with his samurai minder, Kosame Isshiki, only to be cast adrift on the Pacific Ocean. A passing steamship rescues them...and delivers the two not back to familiar Japan but to the far-flung land of America! Trapped in Los Angeles with no easy way to return home, the pair decide to enter the world's first trans-American automobile race. However, with vast sums of money hinging on the dangerous event's outcome, they may find the odds are stacked against them...

I Want to Be a Receptionist in This Magical World Story by MAKO Art by Yone Character Design by Maro

Ever since she was little, Nunnally has always wanted to be one of the graceful, capable receptionists of the Hall. As only top-rate mages are accepted to the position, she enrolls in the kingdom's magic academy to hone her skills, but she feels out of place amid a classroom of nobles-including a genuine prince. She decides that despite being a commoner, she's going to be the top of her class...but for some reason she just can't beat the one person she'd most like to-the snobbish boy in the seat next to her, Alweiss Rockman...!

Magical Girl Incident By Zero Akabane

Magical Girl Incident

As a little boy, Sakura Hiromi once dreamed he could be a hero. Now...he's simply your everyday office worker, toiling away for his company. Though he longs for his childhood dream, it seems so far out of reach-until he decides to step up and save a child one fateful day. Suddenly, fantasies become reality as Hiromi finds himself transformed into...a magical girl?!

Manner of Death Story by Yukari Umemoto Art by Sammon

When the skilled coroner Dr. Bunnakit is called to examine the body of his childhood friend after her "suicide," he soon determines that she was actually murdered. That night, a mysterious stranger threatens him, telling him to rule her death a suicide-and after he confides in his prosecutor friend about this incident, that friend suddenly goes missing. But all hope is not lost, as a young lecturer named Tan offers to help him get to the bottom of all this, which would be more reassuring if Tan weren't the prime suspect...

What This World Is Made Of By Shin Yamamoto

After losing everything, the Nakata brothers find a mysterious app that offers a chance to make large sums of money. But are they ready for the danger they must now face, the deadly monsters known as WORLDs...?

Me and My Beast Boss By Shiroinu

Me and my beast boss

In a world where beastfolk are thought to be superior to humans, human office worker Saki Oki struggles to remain afloat in a company where she is belittled and tormented by her beastfolk colleagues and superiors. And so, when she is called into the CEO's office, she's prepared for the worst-but instead of firing Saki, he acknowledges her hard work and makes her his private secretary! She's delighted by his praise...but could that really be the only reason her heart is racing so fast?

My Dear Curse-Casting Vampiress By Chisaki Kanai

The world is full of vampires. Supernatural creatures who drain the blood from humans without mercy-fighting such beings is the foundation of Isuzu Osaka's life. But humanity is losing the war, and desperate times call for desperate measures... And so, Isuzu sets out to strike a deal with a powerful vampiress whose beauty drives all who gaze upon her insane in the hopes of protecting his friends...

The Essence of Being a Muse By Aya Fumino

Somebody fill my emptiness. The day I was rejected from art school, everything that was "special" about me died. That's why I have no choice. Since I'm back to being "ordinary," I'll go to the job my mom decided on, while wearing the clothes she picked for me, so that I can find what my mom calls "happiness" alongside somebody she can boast about, trapped in a never-ending cycle of "what if?" and "too bad" all the while.

The Ephemeral Scenes of Setsuna's Journey By Rokusyou • Usuawagi

ephemeral scenes of setsuna

The story of a young man who has inherited the life of his dear friend and a half- beast boy on a journey following the path of the teacher.
Sugimoto Setsuna is summoned to another world as the 68th hero, but he's been given up on because of his weak and sickly constitution. However, he meets Kyle, the original hero who has been living for 2,500 years, and ends up inheriting his knowledge, power, and life force... He begins the life he wasn't able to live before and starts a journey around the world, when he comes across an enslaved half- beast boy. Their lively adventure starts here!

Higurashi: When They Cry: GOU Story by Ryukishi07 Art by Tomato Akase

Another year, another death, another disappearance...will this year be the same? Newcomer Keiichi Maebara has long grown accustomed to the rhythm of his simple life in Hinamizawa. But when Keiichi stumbles upon a few old newspapers at a dump site, he quickly realizes the peaceful village and his beloved friends are hiding a deadly secret... Is the tragedy of the summer of 1983 doomed to repeat forevermore...?! New fragments and new mysteries await-from the creators of Higurashi and Tomato Akase, the brand-new sequel series to Higurashi: When They Cry!!

Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree Original Concept by FromSoftware, Inc. Art by Nikiichi Tobita

The epic and foreboding world of the hit video game Elden Ring gets turned on its head in this absurd comedy adventure! Follow Aseo the Tarnished as he struggles his way through the Lands Between. What he lacks in strength, speed, intelligence, charisma, skill, experience, intuition, and common sense, he makes up for in...uhhh...

Light Novels With New Edition:

A Certain Magical Index: The Old Testament Omnibus Edition Story by Kazuma Kamachi Illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura

Science and magic have come together once again to create this never-before- seen folio of A Certain Magical Index! The arcane pages of the Old Testament Omnibus Edition detail the collected adventures of Touma Kamijou in a stunning synthesis of paper and metal that any aspiring sorcerer or esper will covet. Including all twenty-two volumes of the original series as well as the two short story volumes, this grimoire cannot be ignored by those who want to complete their own collection of forbidden magical books!

Short Stories/Sketch manga:

Scribbles By Kaoru Mori


A collection of sketches from Kaoru Mori, the creator of hit historical manga Emma and A Bride's Story! Packed with illustrations done for practice as well as for relaxation, this compilation features commentary on every page and the roots of all her work are laid out.

Manga that Yen have previously published getting new editions:

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun: First Stall (Box Set) By AidaIro

A beautiful collection of the first ten volumes of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, featuring everything from the very beginnings of the series to the big twist of the fan-favorite Picture Perfect arc. If you just can't hold it in anymore-"it" being your excitement-getting your hands on this box set is the only way you can find sweet relief!

Puella Magi Suzune Magica: The Complete Omnibus Edition By Magica Quartet Art by GAN

Read this defiant story set in the world of Madoka Magica in one complete omnibus! Suzune Amano lives an extraordinarily normal life as a middle school student by day and...magical-girl assassin by night?! When a group of four magical girls begins investigating the serial murders in their city, they soon find themselves Suzune's next targets! But what motivates Suzune to hunt both witches and magical girls alike?

Yen also stated that they were starting a new imprint at the company called Ize Press which will deal with Korean content. They announced two titles that have been published in Korea as webcomic. They are:

The Horizon By JH

A world where everything has been lost. A boy and a girl alone together. A spark
of hope kindled between them. All they can do is move forward. But against
broken adults and devastating despair, how long will they be able to keep
going...? Find out in this poignant tale from JH, author of the acclaimed Korean
comic The Boxer.

A Business Proposal
Story by Guava Farm and Perilla Art by NARAK Original Story by Haehwa

After being worked to the bone at her office job, getting introduced to her
longtime crush's new girlfriend, and dealing with her family's debt hanging over
her head, Hari Shin's life seems to have hit rock bottom. Luckily, her friend
Youngseo has a business proposal for her: go to an arranged date in her stead and Hari will receive a hefty compensation. Things grow complicated, however, when it turns out that the other party is Hari's new CEO-and he's dead set on marrying whoever shows up to the date!

Source: Yen Press Twitter
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