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Samurai History Papers - Quarterly Newsletter

Date: 2004 October 16 16:03

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We've just got details in from Ridgeback Press, apparently they will be launching Samurai History Papers, a quarterly newsletter from Romulus Hillsborough (whose research on the history of the Meiji Restoration spans over twenty years). It focuses on the facts behind many samurai anime series, such as the Shinsengumi (central to Peacemaker Kurogane and Rurouni Kenshin).

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Ridgeback Press is pleased to announce the release of SAMURAI HISTORY PAPERS, an innovative newsletter-type quarterly from Romulus Hillsborough (author of RYOMA, SAMURAI SKETCHCES, and the soon-to-be-released SHINSENGUMI). SHP focuses on the history and culture of the great samurai of the Meiji Restoration.

Numerous characters in Japanese animation and manga are based on these samurai. Among them are the Shinsengumi (Saito Hajime, Kondo Isami, Hijikata Toshizo, Serizawa Kamo, Okita Soji, et al) Sakamoto Ryoma, Katsura Kogoro, Saigo Takamori, Takechi Hanpeita, Takasugi Shinsaku -- to name just a few. The true stories of these samurai are the subject of Samurai History Papers.

About the Meiji Restoration
The Meiji Restoration was one of the most important events in Asian history, and one of the greatest revolutions in the history of the world. It centered around the overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1868, and the restoration of political power to the emperor.

Mid-19th-century Japan was a caldron of political upheaval and intrigue, bloody inner-fighting among samurai, and the end of three centuries of feudalism under shogunal rule. This most enthralling age in the annals of Japan brought forth some of the most fascinating men in that nation's history. These samurai modernized Japan. They also laid the foundation for the militarism of WWII and the economic powerhouse of today. Close scrutiny of these two-sworded men provides insight into the political, cultural and psychological roots of modern Japan. Just as the Meiji Restoration is considered "the dawn of modern Japan," knowledge of this history is essential for understanding how and why Japan has evolved into the nation that it is today.

Purpose of Samurai History Papers - the only serial publication in English focusing on the history and culture of the great men of the Meiji Restoration

The Meiji Restoration has often been neglected and/or misrepresented by writers of the English language. When this history has been represented seriously and accurately, it has generally been in a dry academic format. Since the publication of his first book, RYOMA ­ Life of a Renaissance Samurai, it has been the objective of Romulus Hillsborough to present this most fascinating period in Japanese history, and the humanity of the men who made this history, accurately and realistically, in a vivid literary format which will at once educate and entertain. Hillsborough continues this objective in Samurai History Papers.

Targeted Readership
Enthusiasts of Japanese history and culture, military history enthusiasts, students and teachers of these subjects, patrons of public, university and high school libraries - and anyone interested in history depicted as human drama.

First Issue: Fall 2004
Frequency: Quarterly (delivered by email)
Yearly subscription: $25 (four issues)

More information about Samurai History Papers, including summary of contents and ordering, is available at

Source: Ridgeback Press
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