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Japanese Maid Show October 4th in NYC

Date: 2009 September 29 14:30

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Fans of Akiba culture in NY should head over to Top Tunes Karaoke Bar on October 4th 2009 where Japanese Copsplay Singer Reni will perform anime songs and J-Pop.

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Press release as follows:

New York, NY –Sep. 29, 2009 – Aspire Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce Reni's Japanese "Maid" Show on October 4th (Sun) from 6PM in NY.

Reni's performance at NY Anime Festival was a big Success !!

"A genuine Japanese idol that American fans can finally call their own."

"Reni Conquers NYC" -

Japanese Pop Star Reni

What: Japanese "Maid" Show: Japanese Pop idol, Reni Mimura, who performed at NY Anime Festival as a guest singer, celebrates her new album "Sakura" release. Reni also performs Anime songs and J-Pop in Cosplay. We start Karaoke Contest and inviting special guests in the show.

When: Oct. 4th 6:00 - 8:00 PM

303-305 E 53rd St,

Cost: $5 music charge / one drink minimum

Special Guest: The Amazing Amy performs "YOGANIME"

Karaoke Contest: 3 to 4 pre-selected participants will sing a song from Anime and J-Pop. The winner will be decided based on audiences applause, and receive Reni's new CD, and a free admission and drink ticket to the next show.

Note: Cosplayers are welcome!! Cosplayers will get discount on certain merchandise.

Space is limited. Please come early to reserve.

More info at

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