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The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan

Date: 2009 October 19 15:18

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Contributing writer for G-FAN magazine Armand Vaquer has sent us details about a new travel guide he's written called The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan.

The travel guide is due out next month and will retail for $15 a copy.

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Press release as follows:

A new travel guide targeted at fans of Japanese science-fiction and fantasy movies is being prepared by Armand Vaquer, contributing writer for G-FAN magazine called "The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan."

The Monster MOvie Fan's Guide To Japan

The guide will be in magazine format and will include the locations shown in Japanese science-fiction and fantasy movies over the past 55 years. It will tell how to get to each location, where to stay and what tourist attractions are nearby.

"'The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan' was started in early 2008 and we have now completed the cover and the page layouts are 90% complete," said author Armand Vaquer. "There have been plenty of books about the movies, but nobody has ever put together a guide for people to go see the locations shown in the movies until now."

The guide will be 52 pages long and will also include travel tips and articles on Japanese customs and immigration policies and information on currency exchange, weather and other topics.

The "Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" is slated be published this coming month. It will retail at $15.00 a copy.

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Source: Armand Vaquer\'s Blog
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