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J-Pop Girl Band Berryz Kobo to perform at AnimeNEXT

Date: 2012 May 30 17:04

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Japanese J-pop girl Berryz Kobo to perform at US convention AnimeNEXT on 6-8th of June 2012. The band wants fans to pick one of their songs to headline their concert at the convention.

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Berryz Kobo

J-Pop band Berryz Kobo is headlining a concert at US convention AnimeNEXT in June 2012 and want fans to vote for one of the band's songs for them to perform at AnimeNEXT.

Press release as follows:

- Berryz Kobo wants to know which song from their own
catalog you want to hear most at their "AnimeNEXT 2012" Concert!

Berryz Kobo will perform the top-voted song live at AnimeNEXT during
their appearance at the Somerset, NJ event June 6-8, 2012.

Fans can vote by via Facebook or e-mail. The deadline is June 1, 2012
(USA Eastern time).

Voting information can be found at Up-Front Link's official Facebook
and Twitter pages.

Official Berryz Kobo AnimeNEXT information:
(including schedule, goods, and autograph info)


BeGenki (Naseba Naru!)


All girl super group Berryz Kobo is part of Hello! Project and
consists of Saki Shimizu, Momoko Tsugunaga, ChinamiTokunaga,
MaasaSudo, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Yurina Kumai and Risako Sugaya. They
already have 8 albums and 27singles to their credit.

Berryz Kobo released their debut single, "Anata nashi dewa ikite
ikenai" on Girls' Day (March 3rd) in 2004, and have been consistently
impressing fans ever since. There are many highlights to their 8+
year history, including their 2005 Oricon top 10 hit "Special
Generation". In 2007, Berryz Kobo gave sold out performances in the
Saitama Super Arena (20,000 seats), becoming the youngest group to
perform in this arena with an average member age below 14 years old.
One year later, they won the Best Newcomer Award at the Asia song
Festival in South Korea and then the Nihon Yuusen Taishou Award for
their cover song of "Dschinghis Khan". In March 2010, Berryz Kobo was
the first all-girl Japanese group to perform in Bangkok, Thailand.
Their single "Shining Power", released the same year on November 10th,
is an ending theme for the anime "Inazuma Eleven".

In 2011, they performed in Seattle for Sakura-Con on April. Their
latest single,"Be Genki ", was released in March 2012.

Berryz Kobo will perform for the second time in the US at AnimeNEXT in
June 2012, so be ready!!

Source: Otaku News
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