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Japanese video streaming service to be viewable in UK/ROI

Date: 2013 March 24 14:13

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DAISUKI, a Japanese video streaming service for anime fans outside Japan, announces in multiple emails that their service will be available in the UK and Ireland.

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DAISUKI, a service announced in February, which is made up of five major animation producers (ANIPLEX, Sunrise, Toei, TMS and DENTSU) and companies ADK and Nihon Ad Systems has confirmed in emails to Otaku News and other anime news sites that the service will be available to viewers in Ireland and the UK. While it has been indicated that this will be a paid service for anime series and live events, DAISUKI have not given any information as to the pricing structure for the service but we will be keeping an eye on their site for details when the service launches in April.

Text of the email sent to Otaku News as follows:

"Regarding your question:
Yes, DAISUKI will be available world-wide, so UK and Ireland is also covered in the service area of DAISUKI right from the beginning.
The launch is planned for late April.Thank you!

Best Regards,


Source: Otaku News
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