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Asian Kung-Fu Generation on NHK World Saturday 16th March 2016

Date: 2016 March 03 15:34

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Fans of Japanese music will want to tune into NHK World this weekend to watch Entertainment Nippon's coverage Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

The band has been running for 20 years, you may know their music from the hugely popular anime show Erased. Entertainment Nippon is due to air Saturday 5th March 2016 at 4:10, 11:10, 16:10 and 22:10 (UTC).

NHK World is a free to air station, and is broadcast dubbed into English or with English subtitles.

NHK World is available in the UK on the following
Sky Channel 507
Freestat Channel 209
Virgin Media Channel 625

They offer free live streaming if you don't have a service able to watch it.

It's also widely available around the world, so could be available in your region.

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Details as follows:

From J-POP to anime music to live performances, this show brings you the newest and best of Japanese entertainment.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

This time, we'll be featuring the 20-year veteran rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. With footage of their world tour from last year and interviews with the band members, we'll find out what makes their catchy music so popular both in Japan and overseas.

Source: NHK World
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