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Princess Ai Collectible Dolls out in Summer

Date: 2005 May 12 08:32

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According to ICv2 12" and 7" collectible Dolls of the famous series Princess Ai will be available for sale this summer. Bleeding Edge and LA Based Collectible Manufacturer will be manufacturing the line of collectible dolls.

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The 12-inch fashion dolls will retail for $25 and will include articulated joints and removable clothing similar to other fashion doll lines.

The 7-inch vinyl dolls will retail for $14 and will be produced from a single mold and will have no moving parts or removable clothing.

Around July and August 2005, 3 dolls in each line-up will be produced. Also some other 12-inch and 7-inch "chase dolls" will be released from the collector market. These "Chase Dolls" will feature some little changes such as different colour clothing and will be released in smaller quantities.

The dolls will be promoted in Tokyo pop’s second volume of the Princess Ai series, Princess Ai: Lumination, due out in July. Likewise, the dolls will come with promotional material for the Princess Ai manga.

Source: ICv2
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