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Antarctic Press To Be At A-Kon

Date: 2005 June 02 18:51

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Antarctic Press, the independent company that is considered to be the forerunner of American Manga, has announced that they will be guests at this year’s A-Kon anime convention in Dallas, TX June 3-5. This is hot off the company’s recent appearance at Chicago’s Anime Central last May.

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All the heavy hitters from AP will be in attendance at A-Kon, including founder and "Ninja High School" creator Ben Dunn, "Gold Digger" creator Fred Perry, artists David Hutchison, Joe Wight, John Katz, Eirik Blackwolf, writer Chris Reid, and writer/Production Assistant Wes Hartman. The group plans to showcase their latest new releases, including the debut issue of "Oz", a manga spin on "The Wizard of Oz"; "How to Draw Chibi", the latest in AP’s manga drawing instruction series; and Fred Perry’s new "How to Draw" DVD and "Peebomanga 1.0". In addition, Chris Reid will be available to discuss upcoming issues of AP’s flagship title "Ninja High School", and Eirik Blackwolf will talk about his upcoming debut title, "Chisuji".

An even bigger draw for fans will be that Dunn, Perry, Wight, Kantz and Hutchison will be drawing pictures on commission for fans. Unfortunately, one won’t be able to just walk up and demand a picture. Commission lists have been set up for fans to put their names down on, so people who want an original sketch of their favorite characters are advised to get on the list quickly.

There’s no word yet as to what convention AP will hit next. But judging from the buzz surrounding both their recent and upcoming appearances, one can expect them to be making the rounds quite a bit this convention season.

Source: Antarctic Press
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