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CPM Offers Anime Classics at Lower Prices

Date: 2005 June 29 19:46

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Central Park Media has announced that it will be re-releasing a select number of its classic titles at the lower, more affordable price of $9.95 Suggested Retail Price. CPM joins fellow distributors ADV Films and U.S. Manga Corps in offering anime titles at such prices.

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Set to be re-released are two of CPM’s classic series: the sci-fi comedy "Project A-Ko", about a superstrong schoolgirl defending her best friend from both a snobby mecha-genius rich girl and invading aliens, and the supernatural thriller "Descendants of Darkness", about detectives who battle the forces of darkness. In addition to being offered as individual DVDs, the two series will also be collected in re-priced box sets, "Project A-Ko" for $29.95 SRP and "Descendants of Darkness" for $39.95 SRP.

Two other titles are also being re-released at the new price. "Hyper Speed Grandoll" is about a schoolgirl who discovers, to her delight, that she’s an alien and must defend the Earth from an invasion. And in "Animation Runner Kuromi", a girl lands her dream job at a famous animation studio but finds out the hard way that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

There is no word yet on what other titles CPM will also re-release at the new price. With now three companies doing such, it may not be long before other anime companies, such as VIZ Media and FUNimation, follow suit with their classic titles.

Source: Central Park Media
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