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Learn Japanese by Reading Manga

Date: 2004 August 28 10:21

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Washington Otaku will be pleased to know that the Japanese Language Center will be running a course that focuses on learning Japanese by reading manga!

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Press Release as follows:

Japanese Language Manga Course

Japanese Language Center (JLC) will be providing a new and unique Group Japanese Language course in September 2004. Please check out "Manga Course".

Japanese Language Center, based in Bellevue, Washington, and serving the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, Redmond and Tacoma area, provides Japanese Language instruction, courses, seminars, translator and translation services to individuals, groups, and businesses. Serving all levels of Japanese language learning, from middle school, high school, and university students including post graduate. Professional Japanese Interpreters and Translators. JLC provides Manga Course.

You will learn Japanese language through very popular Manga. The textbook is "Japanese for Busy People" and one of the popular Manga such as "Fullmoon wo sagashite" or "Naruto".

This course is open to teens and adults. It is designed for those who love Manga and have a beginner's level of Japanese skill. This course is perfect for those who wish to learn casual Japanese language. You will learn standard Japanese conversation including grammar for one hour using the regular textbook and for another hour using Manga as alternate text for each lesson. This course is designed to cover reading (Hiragana/Katakana and 100 Kanji), writing, listening, and speaking the Japanese language.

If you can read Manga in Japanese, it would be more fun and you don't have to wait until English translated Manga is published and available in America. You had better check out the new "Manga Course", consisting of 8 weeks of Japanese language lessons, 2-hours each lesson.

JLC has excellent instructors. All of them are Master's Degree/MBA/PhD holders with several years experience as University faculty, or the equivalent. Their teaching method is unique and you will learn not only Japanese language, but also Japanese culture/history. The Master Instructor, Junko is a former professor of Japanese language at Morehouse College, Atlanta for several years. In addition, she was an instructor on the nationally televised Japanese Language Program produced by Georgia Public Television for five years. She has been a guest speaker for "Japanese Language Education" at the Asian Network International Conference.

*** Japanese Manga Course ***

Lesson schedule: Saturday 11AM-1PM (8-weeks, 16 hours)
Lesson Fees: $200
Class size: 4-6 people

The very first course starts on 18 September 2004 and the registration has already started. Registrations are due 72 hours before the first lesson of the course. Class Schedule may be changed without notice. Please visit the website, for an up-to-date schedule.

Address: 6011 152nd Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone: 425-891-2129


The Japanese Language Center (JLC) offers Japanese language instruction and translation to the greater Seattle area.

Beginner level Japanese classes through advanced levels (PhD and post-graduate) are offered in group and private/semi-private settings. JLC provides regular and Teen group courses also. Group lessons are offered at $200 per 8-week session while private lessons start at $60/2hours.

In addition to offering Japanese Language and Culture classes at the Bellevue location, JLC also provides Japanese language instructors on-site to Japanese companies to assist in the education of their American workers in business level Japanese language and corporate culture.

*** Group Courese Schedule ***

Lesson Fees: $200 (8 weeks lessons, 2 hours per lesson)

Saturday courses start on 4 September.

Evening courses start on
* Japanese 101 (Thu) ------ 26 Aug.
* Japanese 102 (Fri) -------- 27 Aug.
* Japanese 103 (Wed) ----- 15 Sept.
* Japanese 104 (Wed) ----- 15 Sept.
* Japanese 200 (Tue) ------ 31 Aug.
* Japanese 300 (Mon) ------- 4 Oct.
* More Advanced (Fri) -------- 3 Sept.
* Japanese Manga (Sat) --- 18 Sept.
* Teens Japanese (Wed) --- 1 Sept.
* Teens Japanese (Fri) ------ 3 Sept.

Class Schedule may be changed without notice. Please visit the website, for an up-to-date schedule.

Registration/Lesson fees are due 72 hours before the first lesson of the course. We don't accept payment for enrollment on the first day of the course. Also we will close enrollment when a course gets 6 registrants. Please sign up early before the class becomes full.

Source: Japanese Language Center
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