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ADV To Appear On G4

Date: 2005 August 30 21:03

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Three hit anime series from ADV Films appearing on G4 this fall.

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ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime for the North American market, has announced that three hit anime series released under its banner will be appearing this fall on G4, the cable and satellite channel which covers all aspects of the video game culture. The three shows will be RahXephon, the Evangelion like series about a young man trying to discover what is real and what his place in the world is after awakening a powerful mecha; Cromartie High, about the bizarre adventures of a group of delinquent students that includes a robot, a gorilla and Freddie Mercury (no, really); and Colorful, a strange and deranged series with a warped sense of humor. They will all be part of Barbed Wire Biscuit, G4's new one-hour late-night programming block airing Monday through Friday at 12:00 AM ET/PT.

Representatives from both ADV and G4 are enthusiastic about the three shows' debut on the channel.

"RahXephon, Cromartie High and Colorful share an edgy and sometimes irreverent sensibility with G4's current late-night programming, making them a perfect fit," comments Laura Civiello, Vice President for Acquisitions & Development for G4. "Plus, all three series are incredibly popular anime fan-favorites and will also appeal to G4 viewers."

Adds John Ledford, President and CEO of ADV Films, "ADV is looking forward to exposing a new audience to these three immensely popular shows. G4 is an innovative broadcaster, and we are proud to have our shows in their line-up."

RahXephon will the first series to air on G4, debuting on September 2 at 12:00 AM ET/9:00 PM PT. Cromartie High and Colorful are both slated to premiere in December, though no specific air date and time for either show has been given at this time.

Source: ADV Films
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