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FUNimation and Tokyopop Anime DVD Team-Up

Date: 2006 May 25 11:21

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FUNimation teams up with Tokyopop to re-release DVD titles.

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FUNimation Entertainment announced that they will be teaming up to distribute DVD releases from the home video library of Tokyopop, one of the biggest North American manga distributors. FUNimation has acquired exclusive rights to distribute these titles in North America.

While only a select number of titles have been selected, they are some of the biggest from Tokyopop. These include Great Teacher Onizuka (aka GTO), Marmalade Boy, Initial D and others, all of which were previously released under Tokyopop’s home video line. Other Tokyopop DVD releases include Rave Master and Real Bout High School, though it isn’t known if they will be part of the new deal with FUNimation. The plan is to rework these titles with new packaging, new pricing and new configurations. The first title to be released under the new partnership will be Street Fury Remixed, which is set for a June 27 nationwide release.

"Tokyopop is one of the leading experts on youth entertainment in the United States," said Gen Fukunaga, President and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment. "We are excited to apply our sales and distribution expertise to expand awareness of their titles and increase the sales of their DVDs throughout the market."

"FUNimation, an established leader in anime DVD distribution, has a feverishly-dedicated following of fans which happens to be the same audience that buys our manga," said Tokyopop President and COO John Parker. "A partnership with FUNimation presents a unique synergistic opportunity between two leading teen entertainment companies and we look forward to working with them to bring really compelling home entertainment to North America."

Source: FUNimation Entertainment
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