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Discotek Media Announces Licences for Q2 2022

Date: 2022 March 18 23:24

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Discotek Media announces new, rescued, and existing license info via Twitch livestream.

North American anime label Discotek Media announced on Monday night via their Twitch live stream that they had licensed several new titles as well as providing production updates for upcoming, already announced releases. The new licences in the line-up the 1980's version of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, Symphogear GX (Season 3 of the franchise), a 2k, director-approved re-release of Cyber City Odeo 808, the English dub version of Mon Colle Knights, US animated 90's show Double Dragon, licence rescues, and more.

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Mon Colle Knights:

From Wikipedia: The series features Mondo Ooya and his classmate/girlfriend Rockna Hiiragi (Rokuna in the Japanese version), whose scientist father Professor Ichiroubei Hiiragi invented a way to travel to Mon World (Roku Mon Sekai: the Six Gate World), where all sorts of magical creatures live. Together, they try to find six monster items which, when combined, could connect the Six Gate World with planet Earth for the better of both worlds. Rokuna and Mondo form the Mon Colle Knights and find out that when chanting a phrase-("With us, you can do it!") they can merge into monsters and control them into battle as well as aid with spells. Almost every episode, they battle Professor Hiiragi's rival Prince Eccentro (Count Collection in the Japanese version) and his two girl underlings Gluko and Batch (Goruko and Bachi in the Japanese version) who are after the same thing as the Mon Colle Knights, except that they intend to use the items to dominate both worlds.

Mon Colle Knights English

Double Dragon:

From Wikipedia: The premise of the show is that the protagonist brothers are separated at birth. Billy is raised by an elderly martial arts master known as the Oldest Dragon, and his brother Jimmy is raised by the evil Shadow Master as his second-in-command, the Shadow Boss. As a result, the Lee brothers oppose each other as adults; but when Jimmy is betrayed by the Shadow Master, he renounces his evil ways and joins his brother as a Dragon Warrior. During the course of the series, the brothers recruit allies in their war against the Shadow Master and his henchmen. The futile search for their father, John Lee, is a subplot throughout the series.

Double Dragon blu ray


From Wikipedia: Based on the manga of the same name by Junji Ito, the film takes place in a town plagued by a mysterious curse involving spirals.

uzumaki blu ray

Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso) Season 2:

From Wikipedia: The Keroro Platoon is a group of five, froglike alien soldiers from Planet Keron. They mean to conquer "Pekopon" (their name for "Earth") but fail every time they try. Their leader, Sergeant Keroro, is incompetent and has little interest in conquering Pekopon. Instead, he likes making plastic Gundam models, watching TV, or coming up with schemes to make money. The four other members of the platoon are adorable but violent Private Second Class Tamama; bellicose yet tenderhearted Corporal Giroro; intelligent but mischievous Sergeant Major Kururu; and disciplined but traumatized Lance Corporal Dororo.

Keroro gunso bu ray s2

Symphogear Season 3:

From Wikipedia: Two idols, Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amō, collectively known as Zwei Wing, battle against an alien race known as Noise using armor known as Symphogear, which uses the power of music to counteract the Noise's destructive capability. However, Kanade sacrifices herself to protect a girl named Hibiki Tachibana, who ends up with a piece of Kanade's Symphogear relic, Gungnir, embedded in her chest. Two years later, Hibiki awakens the power of the Gungnir relic inside her body, gaining the same Symphogear armor that Kanade had. Using the power of song, Hibiki and her fellow Symphogear wielders must fight to protect the innocent and defeat those who would use the Noise for evil.

symphogear s3

Fusé: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl:

From ANN: Hamaji is a strong and independent girl who lives alone in a mountain. Surviving as a hunter just like her grandfather, she one day receives a letter from her brother who lives in Edo. He wants her help in hunting "fuse", half-human half-dog beings who consume human souls. Reaching the big city, she gets lost and ends up meeting Shino, a fuse.

fuse memoirs of the hunter girl


From Wikipedia: Seven kids are transported to the Digital World, a strange place where digital creatures called "Digimon" reside. A group of Digimon soon befriend them and keep the kids out of harm's way. The children then become the Digidestined, or Chosen Children, which protect the Digital World from evil Digimon like Devilmon and Myotismon.

digimon english blu ray


From ANN: In another world, another time, all the old legends of vampires...of ghosts...of werewolves...and all manner of things that go bump in the night...are real. And as all the old legends make so very clear, humans are the natural enemies of...The Darkstalkers. Yet one man with a mysterious past has made it his duty to seek out and destroy those who would threaten and eclipse humanity's future. Bearing a sword that seems almost...alive...he stands ready to fight all those who have dedicated their lives to The Dark.

darkstalkers blu ray

Detective Conan: Fist of the Blue Sapphire:

From ANN: The world's largest blue sapphire, the 'Blue Sapphire Fist', is said to have sunk when a pirate ship sank in the late 19th century off the coast of Singapore. A local millionaire plots to recover it, and when it reappears at a Singaporean hotel exhibit, a murder takes place and a calling card of Kaitō Kid is found at the scene.

Still in Singapore, Makoto was in the midst of participating in a martial arts tournament where he is joined by Ran and Sonoko to encourage him. Conan is stuck in Japan as he does not possess a passport. However, Kaitō Kid wants to use him to get the sapphire and kidnaps him to take him to the city-state. There, Conan must obey him if he wants to return to Japan; he has his glasses, wristwatch and clothes confiscated, among other things, and must conceal his real identity.

Ran, who does not recognize him, asks him his name and Conan improvises the name of "Arthur Hirai". Disguised as Shinichi Kudo, Kaitō Kid finally manages to get information about the sapphire that is kept in the underground vault of a mansion. During his intrusion into the premises, he is trapped and comes face to face with Makoto.

Leon Lowe, a detective and behavioural psychologist from Singapore, is also searching for the legendary secret treasure buried in the seabed and is in rivalry with Conan and Kid.

detective conan

Holmes of Kyoto:

From Wikipedia: There is an antique shop in Kyoto's Teramachi Sanjou shopping district. High school girl Aoi Mashiro unexpectedly runs into Kiyotaka Yagashira, the son of the shop's owner, and ends up working part-time at the shop. Kiyotaka is called the "Holmes at Teramachi Sanjou", and he and Aoi solve odd cases brought to them by various clients.

holmes of kyoto blu ray


From ANN: Yoshimori Sumimura is a young Kekkaishi (barrier master) who tries to rid the area of Karasumori of Ayakashi (demons); and it just so happens that this area is in the exact location where he goes to school now. Joining him in the purification of Karasumori is his childhood friend (and secret crush) Tokine, who is the descendant of the Sumimuras' rival family.

kekkaishi blu ray


From ANN: It is 2911 and the solar system is made up of of 50 planets. I.C Blues, a gambler, makes a bet with the boss of a criminal syndicate known as Bloody God that it is possible to navigate the whole solar system in one year. Helping out Blues is J9-III, made up of Rock, Beat, and Birdy. To clear any obstcles, they have the transforming train-robot Sasuraiger. But the Bloody Syndicate will do anything to ensure the Blues loses the bet.

sasuraiger blu ray

Violence Jack:

From ANN: Set on a future Earth that has been ripped apart by natural disasters. Civilisation has turned into a brutish nightmare of survival. Violence Jack is caught in the crossfire when a new violent war erupts. Meanwhile Mari, a beautiful women, is looking for her lost lover, Ken.

violence jack blu ray

Project A-ko 2: The Plot of the Daitokuji Corporation:

From ANN: Three weeks after the incident that left Captain Napolipolita's ship balancing on top of Graviton City, A-Ko and the gang go on summer vacation. While A-Ko ponders losing some weight and B-Ko devises another plan to defeat her redheaded rival to win C-Ko, Napolipolita and Spy-D experience severe homesickness - begging for a way to return to their home planet. Meanwhile, Hikari Daitokuji - B-Ko's father and the CEO of the Daitokuji Financial Group - arms the local military with new mecha to attack Napolipolita's ship and obtain its advanced technology.

project a-ko 2 blu ray


From ANN: Devilman, one of the soldiers in the Demon clan, is ordered by the greatest demon to spread chaos in the earth. He successfully haunts the body of Akira, an orphan, and goes in his way to attend to his duties. In the mean time, the Demon clan discovers that he has betrayed them. The reason was love. Demon after demon was sent to defy Devilman. All have lost, However, and from here continues the story.

devilman blu ray

Cyber City Odeo 808:

From ANN: It is the year 2808. Three convicts are recruited as members of the Cyber Police to keep major criminal activity in Oedo (formerly Tokyo) in check. In return, their life sentences will be reduced by a few years for every mission accomplished. However, to ensure that these convicts are doing their job, the police have secured special collars around their necks. If they attempt to remove their collars or fail to meet the time limit of their mission, the collars will self-destruct.

cyber city steelbook blu ray


From ANN: The year 1999, the Idelians, an alien civilization that has traveled 200,000 years looking for a new world, attacks Earth. The planet's military forces are no match for the aliens, only the specialized Dorvack unit commanded by Colonel Takagi and their Variable Machines piloted by Masato, Louise and Pierre stand in their way.

dorvack blu ray

Lupin the 3rd Part 1:

From ANN: Arsene Lupin III is the grandson of the master thief Arsene Lupin. With his cohorts Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII and his love interest Fujiko Mine, he pulls off the greatest heists of all time while always escaping the grasp of Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

lupin the 3rd part 1 blu ray

Lupin the 3rd The Mystery of Mamo:

From ANN: Lupin, the master thief/spy/Jack of all Trades, has been executed, but he is still alive, and not even Lupin himself knows how that is possible. While trying to figure out, however, he and his gang are thrust into a conspiracy involving clones, Lupin's un-trustworthy rival Fujiko, and a minature mad-madman's plot to take over the world.

mystery of mamo blu ray

Lupin the 3rd Prison of the Past:

From ANN: The episode focuses on Lupin's gang descending upon the Kingdom of Dorrente in order to rescue a famous thief who has been detained. While this takes place, the most notorious thieves from around the world gather in the kingdom.

lupin prison of the past

Lupin the 3rd Episode 0 First Contact:

From ANN: Jigen tells the story of the gang's first meeting. Jigen, still a member of the Mafia, is hired to protect an ancient artifact - one that Lupin and Fujiko are both trying to steal. Meanwhile, Inspector Zenigata, then of the Japanese police force, has come to the U.S. on Fujiko's trail, and Ishikawa Goemon is searching for the lost treasure of his clan.

lupin episode 0

Source: Discotek Twitch channel
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