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Kiss All the Boys

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Shuiko, Kano

Age Rating: 18+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 9781934496268

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Kiss All the Boys


The tale of Tetsuo's tumultuous life takes a tremendous blow after an explosive confession of undying love from his editor and best friend of 15 years – Michiro! Dropping the bomb on their personal and professional relationship, clothes and commonsense are cast aside in the chaos as Tetsuo seeks sexual solace in the bed of Momoyama!

Conflicted and confused, Tetsuo cuts deep lashing out in lust to soothe the sorrow of his trampled trust. Just who will be caught in the carnal crossfire in the second volume of Kiss All the Boys?


Continuing with Kano's twin trilogies from Deux (Kiss All the Boys & Yakuza in Love) has me whirling in the wild rhythm of her writing. The break neck pace of her racy romps always start with a bang, establishing in explosive cocktails her characters and all their complications. Somewhat surprisingly, the second sip of Kano as I have taken it twice from 2 separate series reveals the flavour of a different comic concoction.

Eclipsed by the outrageous comedy, Kano's subtle speciality is in her secret wire work, in the networks of plot lines that underpin the bawdy beginnings in the first volumes. These secret synopsis stings are the trip threads rigged to blow in the next instalment. Evidently, there is a masterful method in the madness and incredible machinations in the melee of Kano's manga.

In successive volumes intensity emanates from the tales of older times as torrid trysts turn to turmoil in the present. As with Yakuza in Love, Kiss All the Boys 2 takes the cast back to the past, revealing the links that make the chain reactions for the characters' current calamities.

Tetsuo teenage years are exposed, while in the present, his headstrong son Haruka probes the past, teasing the truth out of Michiro's rather unlikely confident Kippei. This questionable character, Tetsuo's new acting editor is willing to bare the fruits of his knowledge but only when Haruka presents himself gift-wrapped in a girl school sailor uniform!

The art maintains excellent form, the cast are ravishing as ever with designs that sinfully sexualise masculinity with the delectable decadence of a bishōnen's veneer. Passion peaks in to a raging boil, stirring the characters into action hotter than the hentai that has made Tetsuo a career.

Another robust read for yaoi lovers that features a wonderful play on the dynamics of sex and feelings in boys' love; that when it comes to pain, it is far easier to give than to receive!

Rating: 8/10


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