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Publisher Details Luv Luv

Luv Luv Press (established in 2008) is the Ladies Comics/Josei Manga imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc. Extremely popular in Japan, but never before available as a genre in the U.S., Ladies Comics are romantic, hot and sexy manga about modern women and the men they love. Manga from Luv Luv feature more realistic sexual content and more mature storylines and themes than are presently found in the manga currently available to women in America. All of Luv Luv's graphic novels depict romantic and physical relationships with nothing held back.

"...the entry of Aurora into the market with its dedicated Josei imprint signals the arrival of a new wave of more mature titles for female readers...Is Josei The Next Yaoi?" - Icv2 Like Yaoi, Josei Manga is largely created by female manga-ka and is targeted towards a more mature/18+ female audience. And in order to prove that Josei is the next Yaoi, Aurora Publishing, Inc. brings "passionate manga for women" to America with their Luv Luv imprint, the complementary counterpoint to their yaoi imprint "Deux Press."

While numerous Josei titles do contain plenty of sex within their romantic storylines, Josei Manga also take a realistic look at women's feelings in relationships and deal with problems faced by young women: "Describing real issues and feelings that modern women have in general, Ladies Comics have become very popular in Japan" says Mr. Nobuo Kitawaki, president of Aurora Publishing, Inc. and its parent company Ohzora Shuppan. "We are very thrilled to introduce the genre to the American market, and confident that American ladies will find these manga titles attractive and enjoyable as well."

Finally, Luv Luv brings to America sexy, passionate manga for women. Why let guys have all the fun?

Manga Reviews: 5

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