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More Live-Action Movies based on Manga

Date: 2005 September 28 09:30

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More Manga Based Live-Action Movies are taking the Japanese Film Industry by storm. The future adaptations will be based on the Manga Waru-Final and SUBARU.

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The latest is from director Takashi Mike who has begun filming a new movie based on the manga by Hashida Yukari called ‘Waru-FINAL’. Waru is an edgy/controversial manga about "a kidnapper whose days are numbered" and "the very beautiful but homosexual son of the influential Senator". Going along with the film's title, this will be an adaptation of the final section of the original manga.

The main actors in the movie will be: Matsusaka Keiko (Fall Guy), Aikawa Shou, Ishibashi Ryou and Maki Hisao. The Waru Manga first appeared when it was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1970 and has ran on and off until a couple of years ago. The Movie will open in theatres across Japan next spring.

‘SUBARU’ by Manga-ka Soda Masahito will also be made into a live action feature. The story is about a gifted Ballet Dancer and the movie will be produced by Bill Kong (HERO - LOVERS - Fearless -) and directed by Li Zhiyi (Mack the Knife, Heaven Can't Wait, Lost and Found). Warner Bros will handle the production and distribution. The movie is targeted towards Japan and Hong Kong mainly although the release will be worldwide. The cost for the film is estimated over 700 Million Yen and filming will be done mainly in Europe and Japan.
The Manga was first serialized in Big Spirits Comics in 1999-2002 and 2.2 million copies across Japan have been sold so far.

Source: Anime News Service
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